Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Forty-Six Weeks

This week has really changed the Pollard household. Jett decided on Monday that he no longer wants to crawl and walking is what he really enjoys.  It is amazing how quickly he got really good at walking. 
His hair is really starting to come in.  He still NEVER sleeps through the night, or even for longer than four hours at a time.  The baby sitter, says he is one of the best babies she has ever kept.  They love him in the nursery at church, they say he is really good to just play in the floor by himself.  
He has the most ticklish feet ever.  I can usually get him to laugh or giggle by squeezing his big thighs.  
My mom says that he really loves to hear his name and see pictures of himself.  He doesn't lack for self confidence at all. 

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