Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Music City Bowl 2013

I love love love a bowl game.  I really like them more than regular season football.  Let's get real, I don't like football.  I like to people watch.  I understand the basics of football, but can't say I watched one play of a game this year.  Yeah, I was there, I even looked at the t.v. when Ole Miss is playing, but I just don't like to make myself nervous or anxious or stressed, so I am more of a people watcher.
To date the coldest I have ever been was the Music City Bowl my senior year in high school.  It was the first bowl game I ever went to and I was not prepared.  I mean I almost froze to death.  It is my reference point in history for how I gauge how cold it is.  I was bound and determined to be prepared this year.
 I plotted and planned my attire.  I went for function not fashion.  I even made sure not use all my layers at first I used them in progression.  I had tights on, running leggings, and then jeans.  My socks were not cute, but they were three pairs deep and stuffed into my Uggs for warmth.  I wore a cami, a tshirt, an Under Armor cold gear turtle neck bought for the time I was the second coldest time ever in my life, a patgonia half zip, a patagonia jacket, a headband, a tobbogan, and two yes, two scarves.  I also came with 8 hot hands for myself and some to share.  I brought a blanket, but it was the one thing Cullen was responsible for getting into the vehicle, and imagine that it wasn't on his mind when he went to get into the car.  Refer to my post on Things I found to be True about him on Game Day.

 We had great seats, I was in heaven, the Rebelettes were in front of me, and I love to watch a dance line.  My mom kept Jett until we got home about 10:00.

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Lauren said...

Judging by these pictures, y'all were seriously right around the corner from us! :) Such a cold game!