Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Forty-Nine Weeks

 Forty-Nine Weeks this baby is on the move.  I mean everywhere.  He is so much fun.  He loves music, being the center of attention, and playing peek a boo.  He had his ear check up this week and the doctor said he is doing great.  He has managed to stay out of the doctor's office since before Thanksgiving, I feel sure the pediatrician misses us.  
I call him Hector the Collector this week because he likes to pick up random things and walk around the house with them.  He loves a bag, he can occupy himself by going through them and picking everything out of them.  This week he has collected empty coke boxes, relocated a toothbrush, picked up a storage box and brought it through the house, and Cullen's keys.
He is very attached to his Mama, but lights up when his Daddy comes into the room.  
One night this week he wanted to be held, and before I would pick him up I told him to go find his pap-pap (pacifier) and come back.  He went in search, found it, put it in his mouth, and came back.  It may have been a fluke, but we were impressed.  

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