Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cullen's Family Christmas

 It is tradition that on Christmas Eve we go to Cullen's parents.  So we headed over there just after lunch.  
 Leila was asleep until just before the gift opening.

 It was fun to watch the babies, and to think about how subdued they were this year, but how next year it will be crazy.
 Jett boy got a lot of books, puzzles and some more toys.

 Leila liked Jett's books.

 This is pretty much how the babies played, back to back...one day I'm sure they will play with each other.
 This is the only smile I captured of Leila.  

 Jett liked his tricycle he just needs to get a little bit bigger.

And once Jett Boy was the only one left, he got in the floor and played on the pots with spoons, who needs toys.

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