Friday, December 20, 2013

Countdown to Christmas Party Four 'Crafty Christmas'

Last year our Sunday School class decided we would play Dirty Santa and that the gift each couple brought had to be homemade.  

 This was the gift I took home, because I stuck to my rule from last year... DO NOT OPEN from the PILE steal, steal, steal.

 This is the gift I made, a Mississippi pillow.

 This was probably the gift that took the most skill.  Chase's frame.  
 Most of the girls from our group.  We were missing some that had other plans, but we are steadily growing as a group.
These are our teachers, Mark and Emily.  They started leading our class from the beginning five and half years ago.  We started with three couples and have now lost the other charter couple from our class  to a move for a coaching job.  I'm thankful for Mark and Emily and their dedication to being with our class.

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