Saturday, December 14, 2013

Elfis Threw a Party

Jett's Elf on the Shelf, Elfis, sent letters to some of his friends inviting them over for some special treats from Santa.  Jett woke up to a decorated house and just after getting dressed his buddies were here to play.

 Karen came by just to see which friends would wake up early on a Saturday to come play.  

 It was so good to see Cecile and her boys, it has been too long since we got to see her boys and her. A dozen years since high school and half a dozen babies between us five.

 I love having my friends over, but even more than that I love that our moms come too, just to share in the fun of the next generation.  
We missed several of our friends that were out of town or sick.  One had the flu, one had RSV, and another had the stomach virus.  
It was so much fun to see the babies and let them play together.

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