Monday, December 30, 2013

Things I have found to be true about Cullen on game day-

In honor of our trek to the bowl game this year here are some things I have found to be true about Cullen on game day. I wrote this last year while headed to the Compass Bowl.

- he has a one track mind about ole miss sports
- his idea of game day is getting to the game at the earliest possible time
- if he promises stops along the way before leaving the house those are only in an effort to get out of the house and to the game
- regardless of the time schedule he has preset the night before the day runs on his schedule, no matter how early you awake to make the schedule stays timely refer to number one... There will be no acknowledgments made of your timeliness
- he will not look up directions until he is behind the wheel of the car driving down the interstate
- when he asks if you need to stop do not answer with a yes, it was not intended as a real offer just obligation

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