Monday, July 7, 2014

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

My little man is obsessed with anything that goes.  For the longest time everything was a 'toot-toot.'  He has now moved on to calling everything a truck.  He lines them up, crawls around behind them, and on this morning before church he made a blanket into a road and pushed them back and forth on the chevron highway.  

 He is quite full of himself these days.  He likes what he likes and likewise he knows what he doesn't like and will let anyone with in a one mile radius know, too.  

 When I first looked at the picture I saw all the toys in the background, but rather than worrying about the mess, I want to remember how he loves to give Mr. Potato Head high five, how that green book in the background had probably been read about 15 times by his Daddy this particular morning, and how that sweet pull behind puppy dog is body slammed more than he his pulled.  

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