Saturday, July 5, 2014

We are a Navy Family

 This year my cousin, Anna, hosted the family Fourth dinner.  As my family trickled in I noticed most of us wore Navy.  The only ones who didn't weren't what I like to call- ORIGINALS.  They were the spouses of original family members.  
 Jett was more than tired and by the end of the night he had attempted a nap, and finally wouldn't leave our laps.  
 Andrew and Anson grilled, Uncle Wayne observed and held Jett who wasn't so happy.

 This was the pallet made my cousin where Andrew decided we would take pictures.  It was his proclaimed picture taking spot.  

 Andrew's family joined us in celebrating.

 While we were blessing the food, Henry who had patiently waited to eat snuck a dessert.  He was super proud of himself.  His timing was perfect.
 I am so thankful to have my brother and his family close to us again after their year long stint in Cleveland, Ohio.

It was a fun night filled with family, food, and fireworks.

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Lauren said...

Everything looks so adorable! I love the pallet made into the flag. :)

Happy 4th to y'all!