Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Tale of the Photo Shoot

 Lily James: Yay a photo shoot! Wait, what are you doing here?
Jett: Wait, wait, wait...I'm not ready. Is this my good side?
 Lily James: What good side? Someone? Anyone? What is he doing in my shoot?
 Lily James: Really people, I can't work under these conditions.  I won't do it.
Jett: Hehehe, I think I passed gas!
 Lily James: You have got to be kidding me.
Jett: Oh yeah, I definitely did.  Whew!
 Lily James: Get away from me.
Jett:  Let me just get right over here for the perfect angle.
 Lily James: I will not cry! I will not cry! I will not cry!

Jett: Mom, get this shot.  This is my deep thinking pose.
 Lily James: Oh my gracious, what a ham.
Jett: Look, look, look...when we hug they take lots of pictures.  
 Lily James: Oh hey, you're right.  I hope they snap them quick, I think you passed gas again.
Jett: Shhh...don't tell anyone.  They think we are getting along.  
Jett: And this is my Heartbreaker Pose...
 Lily James: Hello? I'm over here.  I'm ready.
Jett: ...and this is my, Hey Girl, How You Doing Pose...
 Lily James: This is my serious face...
 Lily James:...and my Heart Breaker face...
Jett: Hello, I'm over here being cute...take my picture.
 Lily James: I can't work in these conditions... I just can't do it.
Jett: And now back to me....woo hoo!

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