Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's the Outfit

 This is most likely Cullen's least favorite outfit I have ever put on Jett.  It was a gift that came for him after he was born, not when he was Sarah Cullen.  I think it is pretty cute, Cullen did not.  I even checked the website and it is for a boy.     
 All night Friday and all morning Saturday, anytime Jett was upset, Cullen claimed it was because of his outfit. 
 Any time he fell, it was the outfit's fault.  He asked me about ten times to take it off of him, and that made me want to keep it on him that much longer.
 I warned him before he fed him breakfast not to think about feeding him without a bib on, just so he could change the outfit.  
 I think they are super cute pajamas and for around the house they made it easy for him to move around without slipping on our floors.  He had no trouble finding all my pottery on the floor, that has now been elevated. 
 I found myself running behind him making sure he did fall into the corner of the coffee table or pull up on something that was not stable.  
It is about to get real hear at the Pollards' Home.

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