Sunday, November 24, 2013

Meagan and Med School

 This sweet girl, whom I get to call sister/friend, got her official invitation to be a part of the incoming med school class at UMC in Jackson.  I am so excited for her, proud of her, and terrified for her at the same time.
 Her mom and grandmother held an impromptu congrats dinner.
 Hopefully she can live with her long time bestie, Anna, in Jackson in the fall.  Anna finishes nursing school in May and is looking to move after graduation.
Di Di is one proud granddad and he should be, she is a pretty awesome girl.  She has worked so hard and deserves only the best.
Justin Timberlake on Monday and Med School acceptance on Friday...I'd say that was a pretty good week.  Her boyfriend also got a new truck so they collectively had a pretty good week.

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