Sunday, November 3, 2013

Roxie's Wedding Weekend

This weekend welcomed a break from Ole Miss football and wedding I've been looking forward to for the past six months.  My sweet roommate from college, Roxie, finally married her long time crush, Claude.  I was thankful to be a part of this precious weekend.  The wedding took place at the barn in front of her home.

 This friend, came to town and also participated in the ceremony.
 The service took place between some intertwined bodock trees.
 Her sweet parents, Mr. Perry and Mrs. Judy.  They have worked night and day to make their home place perfect for Roxie's weekend.
 The readers for the wedding.  They traveled from near and far, Spain, D.C. New York, and Atlanta and then two locals.

This sweet bride is more than a friend, she was our Matchmaker.  It took her two tries, but she worked her magic and Cullen and I have been together for eight years this fall.  
 These windows usually hang in Roxie's parents home in the breakfast room.

 The menu for the night was painted onto pallets.

 The bride had a sampling of several cakes, of the three I tasted, they were DIVINE.

 My sweet wedding date, dressed in Barn Chic.
 The couple's monogram was carried throughout the wedding weekend and was placed on everything that could be engraved, stamped or embroidered.  It was such a nice touch.

It was the sweetest ceremony filled with unique touches that were oh so Roxie.  The music was from an awesome blue grass band.  The readings were perfect.  The food was served in the barn and family antique tables were spread through the pasture for guests to dine at and mingle through.  A photo booth added a fun touch and then as the sun finally sat the dancing began.

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