Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Pilgrim Indian Picnic Party Plan

I hope Jett remembers growing up with friends around him.  I want him to know how time spent with friends and family is important.  This past Sunday we hosted a Pilgrim and Indian Picnic for his friends.   I'm completely aware most of them are only jabbering words and can't walk well yet, but friends are friends no matter what.
So here are some of the details I want to remember.
 He sent his guests home with Turkey Trot Trail Mix.

 A sweet first grade teacher at my school allowed me to borrow her Thanksgiving decor.
 I even crafted a Mayflower.
 We served Indian Iced Cookies
 Chocolate Donut Mayflowers
 Pumpkin Pies
 Sweet Potato Puffs and Squeezes
Cereal Cornucopias and Turkey Croissants with "dressing"

Turkey Trot Trail Mix Recipe:
4 cups Bugles
2 Cups Honey Nut Cheerios
2 Cups "Squanto's Fish" (Goldfish)
1 Bag Caramel Bugles
2 Cups Trix Cereal
1 Cup Craisins

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Lauren said...

Are you serious? This party was adorable!