Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Forty-One Weeks

 These photo shoots are becoming much more difficult each week.  He is never still, so these photos are luck and luck only.  
This week Jett has started sticking his tongue out, saying uh-oh, and can pretty much give high five on command...it is more of a soft touch, but we count it.
We are headed to Dr. Dye, and ENT doctor, this coming week to check out his ears.
More and more we are trying to use a sippy cup, and feeding him table food.  He now eats oatmeal for breakfast and usually some vegetables at the sitter at lunch. 
Jett's favorite toys right now are a paper towel roll, toilet paper, and a book about closing the achievement gap in the elementary classroom.  
His favorite real toys are any ball he can find in the toy basket and his foam Jesus book.

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