Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Forty-Two Weeks

Jett is now standing for long periods by himself.
We had to get him new play clothes for daycare, he was beginning to look like Huckleberry Finn with some of his outfits.
To date I have still not put him in separates.  I am extremely strict about his clothing.  I'm borderline obsessive.  My goal is to not put him in two piece outfits until age two, and then only play clothes.
I will post a blog one day that details my philosophy on children's clothing, but for now, know that at 42 weeks he has worn one sweater and sweater pant outfit twice...once at daycare as a backup outfit and once at the house for a nap just to see if it fit him.  Not out in public.
This week was a good week with his ears, meaning we didn't go to the doctor.
Jett's weeks are usually about the same.  On weekdays he stays with the Smiths.  Cullen drops him off by 7:30 I pick him up by 4:30.  On Wednesday nights I have class.  Cullen picks him up and Cullen's parents come over and play with him until I get home.  Friday nights is usually family fun night, and Saturday when Cullen is at work my mom comes over to play with Jett.  Sundays we go to church and his Sunday School teachers are Mrs. Maryann May, Mrs. Christine Taylor, and Mrs. Pittman.  He never takes a bottle at church or a nap.  But every Sunday when we pick him up they say he was A+.  Sunday afternoons we take a nap and usually one grandmother comes over to enjoy play time with Jett.

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