Monday, January 26, 2015

Jett's Whistle Stop

 I chose a train theme for Jett's party because we pretty much live on  the Island of Sodor, which is the fictional island on which Thomas the Tank Engine lives.  I'm not much for character parties so we kept it wish a steam engine theme and moved on.
 I made steam engine cookies, railroad crossing cookies, cupcakes, we had puff corn and sliders and a fueling station and called it a day. 

 I was super unplanned and last minute this year and honestly after the Gingerbread Breakfast I really was over parties.  I found some cute invites on Etsy, borrowed this extra large steam engine from my friends at Oxford Floral, and called in a HUGE favor from the Pontotoc Main Street Association Director, Ellen Henry.  She and Daddy Don delivered in a big big way for the party.  They delivered us the Bodock Express and left it for the day.  Jett was super excited when it pulled up and enjoyed the first ride.  He was less than amused when he had to share his train with his friends.

 I've learned to entertain toddlers just have a train table.  Kids LOVE them boys and girls alike.  It is crazy to me to think I went back and forth if we needed one or not....hours of entertainment.

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