Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring Break

 I procrastinated a lot during Spring Break.  I procrastinate a lot in life, but give me school work and a deadline and my procrastination problem grows.  So with my doctoral comps due the final day of Spring Break I spent time painting.  What happened was, when I sat down to work and write I needed to get my Easter decorations out.  When I did that, I noticed I needed some new art for my mantle. Then I needed to paint for other people.  Then I needed to write.

 I spent some sweet nap time with this precious babe.  He says he is a big boy and not to call him a baby, but he is just precious.
 Cullen was a champ and spent a lot of time entertaining Jett so I could write and they did "man things."

And we did make several family runs to Sonic to celebrate page after page written, and in the blink of an eye....Spring Break 2016 was over.

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