Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Little Piggy

 This Little Piggy came to Jett's Halloween Party
 This Little Piggy may have wanted to stay home.
 Little Piggy: Help, the Duck is touching me.
Jett the Duck:Hey there Pinky!
  Little Piggy: Help, help, help!
Jett the Duck: Aww, don't cry Little Piggy.

Little Piggy: He quacked at me, HELP!
Jett the Duck: Help, somebody, she is crying WEE WEE WEE

 Little Piggy: Don't make fun, Ducky.
Jett the Duck: Quack, I think you like me...Quack!
 Little Piggy: Oink.
Jett the Duck: Quack Quack
 Mary Leighton's mom to the rescue.
This Little Piggy had 'roast beef'- Little Duck had none.
 Little Piggy better after some good food.
Duck and Little Pig are friends.

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megan said...

Too cute!! They're going to love this in a few years!