Monday, April 21, 2014

Boy Blue's Easter Pictures

We have a great little courtyard next to our house and I couldn't wait to get pictures of Jett in his outfit after church.  Well, my plan was after church, but that turned into after lunch, after his nap, after an outfit change while I washed the chocolate off of this one, and a redressing of him.  He is overly independent these days.  He loves to walk on his on to places.  The day before he walked out of the back yard, down the drive way, across the street, and to the church playground all by himself with Cullen just following him to see where he would go.  

 He wasn't as into Easter Egg hunting this week as last, and was really more interested in climbing up and down from this bench.  

And of course before it was all over he was over eggs and sidewalk chalk and wanted to just cry it out. 

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