Monday, January 18, 2016

Bible Journaling

 Back in the Spring I came across a movement mixed media called Illustrated Faith.  I was scrolling through pinterest and became enthralled with the beautiful creations ladies all over the country were making in response to sermons they heard or bible studies in which they were taking part.  I found myself spending hours watching videos and researching some of the featured artists.  I began talking about it with my friend Carla and in June I bought a note taking Bible.  That Bible sat on my table and I moved it around for almost a month.  I took notes faithfully during the sermons with the intentions of coming home and responding to them in my new bible using paints and stickers and stamps but I couldn't make myself do it.  Finally I got up the courage and found myself in my Bible more and more.  I looked forward to hearing sermons so I could come home and recreate the important points artistically.  I talked with family and friends trying to gather interest.  I had a deep desire to share the Word using this new art form as a vehicle.  This past Sunday I did it or maybe I should say God did it.  I reached out to some friends and opened my home to women from different faiths and different churches, who shared with me they too were intimidated.  I was able to teach them through the fear and they created some of the most beautiful creations.  You guys, I felt so refreshed.  I don't count it any coincidence that I was so intrigued by this art, or that our pastor preached all summer on the gifts of the Spirit, or that when all the time was passing, the Lord brought our Sunday school class back to the topic of sharing our gifts. Just two weeks ago we came across a passage in 1 Peter that talked about eagerly opening our homes and showing hospitality.  I have long loved a party and people gathered in my home and Sunday my table was filled with women sharing their fears, their faith, and their friendship studying the Word.  

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