Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mickey's Retirement

 Our faithful minister of music for the past 22 years retired.  He announced it in late January and as time crept forward it was as if it weren't real.  But at the end of May he was done.  I can't remember a Christmas without him or a patriotic service he hasn't led.  It will be new and uncharted as we begin our search.  There are some mighty big shoes to fill.  
I love this lady and she and her crew are about as faithful as you can be.  She has been titled my 'new best friend' for the last decade and we love a chance to get our picture taken together.  She is adorable and she emits love from her very pores.  Betty Miller is a one of a kind and we couldn't wait to get in the photo booth at the reception to smile with one another.

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