Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hillbilly Half

 Before the race I was certain it was going to be tough.  I had an uneasy feeling as we rode through Franklin, TN.  I thought the hills rolled a little more than I expected.
 At the start of the race, I was uncertain why it was initially an uphill and the start of the race was the spinning out of the General Lee.  The hills began in mile one and somewhere between mile four and seven there was a 1200 ft elevation increase which almost killed me.  I'm not fast but I couldn't believe how the hills KILLED my time.

Cullen ran the 5k and had a pretty good time, but slower for him.  He met me with a peach and a chocolate milk.  I could have married him all over again.  Then we posed by the car. It was a tough tough race.  Mentally I struggled with the hills, I loved the downhills though.  The weather was great and the water stops which I had been concerned about were not a big issue. The atmosphere was fun and the other runners that talked to me mid run had actually done the race before.  I thought how strange because all I could think was how I was NOT going to do this one again.

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