Monday, August 11, 2014

Ralph's Rockstars

It was no secret that just after Spring Break I began to eat clean and workout a bit.  With the start of summer I comitted to workout with a group of teachers from school.  Our plan was to be led by our school technology guy, Ralph, each weekday morning.  It almost killed me and our group fluctuated from 7people to 2 people to most days about four ladies.  Ralph would work with us on carido and then lead us in 30 minutes of targeted weight training.  We called ourselves Ralph's Rockstars and made sure to take selfies each day to document our accomplishment or our progress.

I must say that leaving my house at 5:30 each morning was not fun, but it was a great time to spend time with friends working toward a common goal.  We stopped when school started back and I can tell a huge difference in only a short time.  Ms. Babb and I have started back three days a week with the morning cardio but I'm looking forward to the summer and Ralph's Rockstars Take Two.

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