Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NYC iPhone Dump

Because I refuse to be totally reliant on my phone as a camera I try to bring my big camera most places I go, but let us get real, the phone is easy, always with me, and super convenient.  Here is our NYC trip from my iPhone.
 Airport to Taxi.  I didn't mention before, but I was struggling on this plane ride.  I woke up the morning we left sick as a dog.  I always always always get sick the night before I fly somewhere.  It happens every time.  I think it must be nerves or a mind thing, but it never fails.  At two o'clock a.m. I awoke sick, like laid in the floor to put my makeup on sick.  I waited until two thirty to text Roxie and complain, and then it was touch and go until we landed.  
 This was our first view of the city once we got to the Carlyle.

 Of course at Sardis we enjoyed New York Cheesecake.  It was fabulous and we dined amongst the portraits of the fabulously famous patrons before us. 

 We only hit Times Square to say we did it, we picked up some makeup I had been meaning to get for sometime and moved right on back up to the Upper East Side.

 My rehearsal dinner date was Ms. Judy.  She and I shared thoughts on taking the train, walking in the cold, and getting a cab.

 Early the next day we purchased a selfie stick to make our sight seeing photography more fun.

 This was a fun group waiting on the wedding to take place.  

 Roxie and I read in the wedding and we were both a little worried we might mess up.  
 Atop the Carlyle we got a view of the City that was fantastic.  Windy.  But fantastic.

It was a blast and I'm eager to plan my next get away with my mom.

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