Monday, June 8, 2015

Church with Jett

Yesterday as we walking out the door for church Jett was so excited, and then as we stepped into the street he cried, "No, let's got to Walmart!" I made up a lie about after his nap and maybe and proceeded to Sunday School. Just as I was closing the door to keep him from escape I heard him very plainly tell his teacher, "My Daddy will come get me!" She, like me, said of course he would get him later after he stayed and put the train down...

Cullen has usher duty for June and July and has to attend Sunday night church.  I thought it would be the perfect time to teach Jett how to sit in church.  Just before leaving to go across the street he threw a big fit that required a swift spat to the leg and left him sniffing when we walked across.
I told him we would have to dry it up and be quiet when we walked in and he replied, "okay."
We saw Cullen greeting and Jett told him to "be quiet" and exclaimed, "need to potty."  Off we went to the restroom.  Once inside Jett announced, "I not want to be quiet, anymore." I let him know that was too bad and in we went to the sanctuary.
We sat at the back and made sure to warn those around us it was a time for teaching.  
At the greeting song he made his way to the older ladies and told them he wanted to "go home."
He sat perfectly still and quiet and only had to be bribed with candy a few times.  
I was so proud of him and how well he did.

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