Monday, June 8, 2015

When I am Old

I'll sleep until noon or maybe just eight,
Ill try to stay fit, but I know I'll gain weight.
I'll sip morning coffee until afternoon's gone,
I'll chat with my husband until the stars turn to dawn.
I will eat cake for breakfast and make a meal off of cheese,
My house will host friends any day that I please.
I will walk miles a day- my health is a gift,
Until my bones are tired an in need of a lift.
I'll visit my friends' graves who've gone on to glory,
and share with them the latest and greatest Payton Place story.
My daughter in law will despise all of my clutter,
an roll her eyes at my choices and uses of butter.
But she'll hug my neck when she leaves and she'll love me for life,
Because I raised the man that's made her love being a wife.
I'll have talks with God about his choices and mine
and eagerly await our face to face down the line.
I look forward to age and getting better with time.
Life is a journey to enjoy, not an uphill climb.

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