Friday, August 7, 2015

His First Trip

Jett Boy made his first trip to the ER the first Friday night of school.  Just after a run, I came in, sat down on the couch with Jett and Cullen and as we watched TV, surfed the internet, and just relaxed, Jett played on the couch.  He was about to tumble off and Cullen stuck out his arm to stop him.  Jett managed to bounce right back up and into the wall.  He must have hit just right, because with in minutes he was vomiting and trying to fall asleep.  We dressed him and got him to the ER.  A CT scan later we found he was fine, but had most likely suffered a concussion.  I had gone in to principal mode and didn't really let myself get emotional, Cullen made himself sick with worry.  We were allowed to go home and told he'd be fine.  This mama was not okay once we got home, I woke to check on him and have been watching him more closely since.  I hope that is our one and only child hood trip.

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