Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hanging of the Green

 It's probably one of my favorite services.  It's one I don't ever want to be pushed out of our traditions.  I love it.  Our church is beautiful but at Christmas it is just overwhelming.  
 Jett was not overly excited to wear a one piece nor was his Daddy excited about it, but I had it, it fit, and it will be the last one he gets to wear.  He was a trooper and didn't make a big deal about it.
 Our job this year was to place the nativity scene.  As we placed it, Jett had to put the donkey, the sheep, and the cow out.  I taught him a song this year about the friendly beast that each one of those animals has verse.  Well he thought he needed to sing each verse in a whisper as he placed his animal.  I tried to hurry him along and keep him hushed, but it was a sweet moment I want to remember for a long time.  
After we placed the nativity scene we sat with my mom.  He wallers on my mom and talks her in to things while they sit at church.  If he would be quiet he thought he could talk her in to letting him go to her house.  It didn't work out for him and he cried and cried on the way home.  Cullen gets really thown off when Jett has a meltdown, and his goal was to get him home as quickly as possible.  
God Love him, he had to go to bed early and was so sad he couldn't go to Sadie's.  They worked something out for the next day though.

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