Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Pollards are Pontotoc Residents Now

Cullen's parents found a house just about two weeks after their's burned.  They relocated to Pontotoc. They had hoped to retire in Tupelo in a few years and move to Oxford, but the fire sidetracked those plans.  They found one that still allows them to commute to work and puts them closer to Oxford than they were.  In a few years as they near retirement they may move toward Oxford but for now they are just around the corner.  
Our sweet friends the Wynnes were moving back to the Delta and they put their house on the market the day the Pollards lost their home in a fire.  My mom's best friend built this house originally and I had always loved it.  When we were at a birthday party after the fire, I looked around and thought this would be a perfect place for my inlaws.  My mother in law felt the same way and now they are at home in Pontotoc.  
It is clear that unless you are from here you will never love it like a Pontotoc native does.  There is something very magical about this place, its people, and the love we share amongst us.  I am happy the Pollards have found a resting place for now closer to us and in a great house.
They have been more than blessed after the fire, they moved in the week of Thanksgiving and with a pretty much fully furnished.  We treated the to pizza and a play date with Jett the night they moved in.  Jett is happy to have more love closer to home.

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