Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas in Madison

 We headed to Madison the day after Christmas to celebrate with my brother and his family.  Cullen was still recovering from fatigue from the flu so he stayed home.  Honestly we would have had no room to put him in the car, it was so loaded with gifts.
 Jett Boy was fighting a cold or cough or something but managed to rally when needed to have fun with cousins.
 Mom and Ellie used their skills on the fiddles.  Ellie started taking at school and my brother bought one to have so he could learn when she did.  She hasn't learned any scales or notes, but can make an absolutely beautiful sound when she puts the bow across the strings.

 The boys had fun as usual.  Jett destroyed Henry's room looking for trains.  But they enjoyed making ramps outside and playing with remote control cars.
These sweet kiddos are growing before our eyes.  Later I will post about Brett injuring mom with the drone, but I have to get the picture evidence for it to be as hysterical to readers as it was to us.

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