Wednesday, January 3, 2018

...The Flu Hit us

 The flu took me down the day after Christmas.  I thought it was a sinus infection.  By lunch, I thought I should make an appointment in case it was something worse.  Through the night I knew I was infected with flu.  By lunch the next day I knew I should have made my appointment before 1:00.  I didn't move much from the bed except to get gatorade or go to the bathroom.  Mom came by and delivered chicken noodle soup.  The next day she brought more homemade chicken goodies.  I foolishly thought I felt a little better.  The cough set in on Friday and I thought I was near death.  Back at the doctor I was told I had pleurisy.  Jett came down with the flu that afternoon.

 He fought hard with fever to play.  My bed became ours and it was littered with trains.
Each day I made sure we showered and stripped sheets.  We had to keep clorox and lysol close to make us feel like we were combatting the awful sickness.  By Sunday I was on the mend, but Jett's sickness turned to ear pain and then drainage.  Cullen's mom dropped McAlister's soups and sweet tea off for us to give us time to not have to cook.
 On Sunday mom delivered breakfast for Jett since he missed spending the night with her for their normal Saturday night date.  Jett struggled through New Year's Day and by Tuesday we were at the ENT for steroids.  It was the miracle we needed to get him on the road to recovery and with multiple naps we made it through, just in time to start back to school. 

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