Friday, February 28, 2014

School Days

If my lack of blogging didn't clue you into the rush os school, these pictures might help.
The cold temps have kept our duty crew bundle up morning and afternoon.
Our Relay for Life team out did themselves with our superhero theme.  This was my photo in the photo booth.
 I am taking two classes this semester on Thursday, a science class and a geometry class.   I love both of them.  The science class is the perfect mix of research and hands on activities and the geometry class is one activity right after the other which makes getting out at 9:30 not so bad.  
 Here are two of our science experiments.  One week we had to make a roller coaster that carried two varying weights of marbles over a hill and a spiral.  
 This was our mousetrap race car.  It was not so fun and we didn't do so well.

And back at my job we have been celebrating Dr. Seuss for about two weeks.  One perk to being on the Pre-K hall is that I get the costumes just like them.  This is me as Thing Awesome the First.  Also note this was casual Friday.

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