Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Principal Corps Reunion at the Capitol

 It was so much fun reuniting with my cohort members and then the members of the previous and later cohorts.  We met with the House Education Committee Chair and were able to sit and watch the Senate Education Committee pass a special education voucher bill.  

We met with our representatives and senators and showed support while asking for them to keep us in mind as they vote.  
As I left I felt compelled to run for office.  It was eye opening once again to sit and listen to non educators make the laws and policies that will daily impact what I do.  As I watched them discuss what they deemed themselves experts on I wondered how many actually went to public school.  I won't use my blog as a political platform.  I have plenty of friends who can do a much better job at that than me, but I will say that my trip to the Capitol made me join the Parent's Campaign so that I can stay more up to date on the bills that directly impact my career and my baby's education.  

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