Sunday, March 9, 2014

Doctor Doctor

At Jett's 12 Month check up we found out that sometime in January his left tube had become clogged.  So we went on antibiotic and hoped it would unclog.  
 We made an appointment with the ENT and he told us to try to use vinegar and water in his ear to attempt to unclog it.   
 On Valentine's Day we tried to unclog it in the office, that was not successful and we continued the mixture in the ear and more antibiotics. 
 Two weeks later it was decided the tube needed to be replaced and adenoids would come out.
 So here he is in his surgery separates waiting for the procedure.  Note the awesome wet spots on his sweater.  He woke up that morning spitting up.  Only I figured it was not just drainage.  I told the doctor and he said no worries, as long as he didn't have fever we would proceed.  Turns out sweet Jett had caught the stomach virus at the sitter.  Thankfully he had an IV and that gave him plenty of fluids and the morphine after surgery let baby boy sleep through the worst of it.  
 And he slept most of the day.  Little did we know all the loving family coming by to check on him that night and the next would be exposed to his little sickness.  Total Jett Boy infected 7 people with the virus.  Cullen, my mom, both Cullen's parents, my cousins- Rayanne, Anna, and Katherine caught it.  Thankfully everyone is well now.  Jett is recovering nicely from surgery, talking more and more.  We go back in a few weeks to see Dr. Dye for a check up.  I am praying for a good report.  

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Robin Roberts said...

We got it, too. Once early January on the eve of our St Louis adventure. And once again, last wkd on our trip home. I managed to evade it both times. Many others were not as lucky.
Poor baby, I know the surgery must have been hard on you. We got Rosa's out a few years ago. It was very traumatic.