Thursday, March 6, 2014

McCarty Sale Weekend

My friend, Kim, and I decided after taking a year off of the sale, we would attempt it again.  Two years ago we went and left Oxford about noon on the day of the sale.  We stood in line until 9 that night when we made it into the door.  We didn't get home until 1:00 in the morning.  It was wild.  This year, we were smarter.  We went on Saturday.  We left Oxford about 5 and headed over to the Delta.  We got there and set our chairs out.  I believe we actually were behind where we were last time.  We waited and waited for roll call, but at 7:45 decided dinner at Crawdad's was a better choice.  We came back to our chairs, kept them marked, and made our way to the car to spend the night.
 Just before 5:30 we made our way from the car to the chairs, where we would sit all day long.  About 11:00, I was in short sleeves catching some rays as I flipped through past issues of Mississippi magazines.  
 Just about 11:30 this was the scene to the south.  We decided to head to the last bathroom trip before the doors opened and when we came out the temps were dropping.  It dropped thirty degrees in a matter of hours.  Thankfully we were prepared.
 Our setup.  The sleeping bags were life savers. 
 The goal is to make it to the corner of the building at a decent time.  But once you are here you have to watch all of the items other are buying coming out.  It is gut wrenching and exciting at the same time.
 Next you wait on your turn to make it down the side of the building.  And once in the door it seems like an eternity before you can touch a piece of pottery.
 And then as if heaven opened itself you see this before you. And loaded with garbage cans, blankets, towels and laundry baskets you move at a snails pace.  
 This is what I came away with.  I went for some bigger pieces and some smaller ones to give away. 
I'm now planning my strategy for next year.

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Lauren said...

What a weekend! I think I'm still tired!