Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pop's and Rocks

 We went to see my dad this morning.  I haven't seen him since his last doctor's appointment and wanted to see how he was feeling.
 Jett put on a show for him and did all of his little tricks.  He talked the whole time just babbling.
 When it came time to leave he found complete happiness in the gravel.  He had more fun picking up the rocks throwing them and yelling uh oh.  

 They had a big time passing rocks back and forth between each other.  Dad tried to send him home with some, but I know Jett, I know his strength and the first thing I would have heard was a crash through my window and an uh oh mid way home, after he threw some out the window.  We left all the rocks at Pop's and said we could come back and visit.

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O' Brother Sew Art Thou said...

2Looks like your dad enjoyed the visit...Someone stole my phone at school...don't have your number...call me and I will try and save it on this new phone...Nokia