Monday, December 7, 2015

Herding Cats

I am thankful for the opportunity to teach our youngest choir.  My own child makes it a struggle.  The main goal is to get them on stage for Christmas and to keep them there.  Thankfully Anna Claire and Haylee are willing volunteers who helped keep them at bay each week and for the night of the performance kept them in line.  Getting 11 kids on stage and smiling and singing is like herding cats. You get one where they need to be and then you look and the others are everywhere.

 These kiddos entertained themselves by taking selfies while we waited on all the preludes to be completed.

 After we were finished I celebrated with a Selfie with Didi. 

 And just as he does, Mr. Mickey saved the Feliz Navidad rap at the closing of the service when the rhythm of our oldest choir came in to question.  

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