Saturday, December 5, 2015

St. Jude Half Marathon

In August my friend Carla talked me in to running the St. Jude Half as a Hero, meaning to run I had to raise $500.00.  We didn't really train hard after about September we fell off the running wagon and it was just a hit and miss if we got a long run in.  We ran the first three miles together and then split up.  I felt pretty rushed the whole race.  It was the biggest race I'd ever done and the people on the race route cheering us on were just the motivation I needed to keep going.  About mile 6 my running shoes (the new ones I really HATE)  started rubbing a blister on top of the blister they had rubbed during the Turkey Trot.  I stopped for less than a minute and took my shoe off and readjusted, prayed, and kept moving.  It was the best crowd atmosphere and a blast to run.  I had my personal best but it wasn't until I was walking back to the car that I even knew.  The race clocks along the route were not synced with my phone or my running watch.  So with a 2:11 time I was super excited.  

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