Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Church Blocks

 The block make me think of the blocks we had at church when I was little.  My cousin, Darla sent him these for his birthday and Cullen and I both thought we would wait to put them together.  After his party I was putting his new toys up and and pushed the box of blocks over to me.  So I caved and opened it up and constructed one block.  As I was putting the block together he was beside me pretending to put a block together, so I did another and then Cullen and I had a race.  For the record I won the race, but baby boy loves the blocks.
 He wants us to build towers just for him to knock them over.  Cullen's towers will always have a firm foundation, it is his small bit of OCD coming out.  I go for height.
I hope my mom sees that while Jett is half dressed, her biggest pet peeve, he does have his socks on, which is her second biggest pet peeve.

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