Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fifty-One Weeks

Jett Boy is creeping toward the big one.  
Baby Boy has learned to run.  I was finishing up some invitations I've been working on and he flew past me, that's how I realized he can run.
He is very clingy.  This past weekend he wanted to cuddle a lot, and I just let him.  He is very affectionate, he can give kisses now.
He has perfected his high five and his low five.
He has another top tooth coming in.
I am not sure if I posted this when he actually did it, but he can call the ducks in with his toy Duck Dynasty duck calls.
He still loves music, he will dance to tv commercials.
He is still nursed once a day just before bedtime and I give him milk from my frozen stash once a day in his bottle.  The milk that was in the inside freezer, not to be mixed up with the 125 bags of milk lost by the deep freeze being on the fritz this fall. I still can't get over it.
He loves to climb, roll on the floor, play with anything he shouldn't be playing with.  He is ALL Boy.

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