Sunday, January 26, 2014

Up Up and Away

I chose an airplane theme for Jett's party when one of my friends said she thought it could be cute.
Once I had a theme, I went to work.  I enjoyed making chocolate planes using candy molds.  They were so easy, I've been looking for more molds online.
 I made so many chocolate planes that I had enough to cover the cupcakes and then make these little cloud happies using cotton candy.

 The propellor pops were really easy, they had a few steps, but they were really quick to make and by quick I mean 10 minutes tops.  The hardest part was finding a way to store them so they could dry and not touch each other.
 My darling cousin, Darla let me borrow six old suitcases that she had in storage and three metal planes she used in her nursery.
 Guests snacked on Airplane tires (chocolate dounuts), Marshaling wands ( chocolate covered and sprinkle covered pretzels), nuts and bolts ( chex mix) and Captain Jett's Boucan Glaze.

 Out sweet parent of the year let me borrow the yellow plane centerpiece that her husband had made a while back.
My favorite part detail were the iced cookies. I have been a search for a long time for a great sugar cookie recipe and an icing recipe that was easy to work with.  I found both and these cookies were treats for Jett's friends. I ordered suitcase boxes from a company, I put them together with Cullen's help.  We of course made the construction a competition, for the record, I won.  Then I covered them in travel scrapbooking stickers and put the cookies in them.  They sat at the baggage claim area near the door.
 I posted an Instagram collage each week this year.  It was the most fun tradition and the easiest to keep going.  I found the Walgreen's app is the easiest way to print the pics from Instagram and have them print square.
 Again, here is some luggage that was donated by my mom's friend and my cousin and the map that I hot glued to a canvas I had in a closet came from a kindergarten teacher at my school.
 My mom painted this bi plane flying over our church, which is the view we would have if we walked out to the front porch.  We seriously live across the street from our church, so one day if we ever move this will be even more special.
 Jett loves to read, he had just woken up from his nap in this pic, and wanted to read with his D.D. and Papaw.
 I finished his outfit about an hour before the party, you know I am a procrastinator.

 Once babies started getting to the house he wasn't sure he wanted people playing with his toys.

 He also wasn't very sure about the cake or the candle.

 Jett was super cuddly this day, I had a feeling he was getting sick and I was right.  The next morning at his 12 month check up he had a clogged tube in his ear and an ear infection.  

This one year old boy weighs 25 lbs. 3 oz. and is 30.5 inches tall.  He is running everywhere and has some distinct likes and dislikes.  This week it has been tough getting him to eat anything.  He doesn't want to slow down long enough to eat more than a few bites.  He loves to read.  He will bring a book to us and then turn around and sit in our laps.  He is sleeping really well and we are much happier parents.  We feel like we are coming out of the year long haze of sleep deprivation.  The year flew by and we are excited about the coming year watching our sweet boy grow and learn.

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We are from the same mold! I finish projects at the 11th hour too!