Friday, January 3, 2014


For a while now I have been thinking about giving up Facebook.  I have given up Facebook for Lent several times and this past November I removed the app from my phone to make them most of my free time.
I don't spend hours a day on Facebook, but over time it adds up.  Add the time I spend on Facebook to the time I spend on Instagram plus any Twitter time and I realize that my time is really spent not being present in my own life.  I have spent the last two months listening to conversations with my friends.  Many of these conversations have the phrase, "Oh my gosh, did you see where so and so did _____".  And I have kinda enjoyed saying, "No, I didn't see that."  And while I don't plot and plan and consciously think about the comparisons I make to other people, it slowly leaks in to my mind.  I find myself thinking if I could just wake up thirty minutes earlier I could get that stuff done, my house would be cleaner, my life would be more organized.  Let's be honest, up until two weeks ago, those thirty minutes of sleep were precious because I was up four times a night with a baby who wanted to nurse all night long out of habit.
Then, I spent time thinking of the things I posted on Facebook.  Before I had Jett, I posted all the crazy things I was doing at three in the morning, like sewing, baking, and possibly making others feel like I was the one that had it all together.  After having Jett, I am thankful I monitored my photo uploading, but really does anyone need to see the slow life progression of my baby boy.  People I want to see it will most likely be at my house, know my blog address, or see him out and about, because they are my family and friends.
And more and more social media scares me.  There, I said it.  I googled my name in a class I took last semester and it is wild to me that I can lead anyone to a photo album of my family.  I can't protect my family from everything, but from some things I can.  I have even looked into watermarking my photos. I am not a professional photographer, but it weirds me out, someone can click on my personal picture be it on my blog or Facebook and use it on their page or in an email or anywhere for that matter.
So for right now, I'm going to enjoy my time without Facebook, it may be short lived it may be permanent, but after three days I am doing just fine.

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Meg The Mama said...

I have thought about giving it up for Lent to. The crazy thing's my own family members that make me go nuts with Facebook!