Thursday, May 8, 2014

Clean Eating as of Late

Yes, I am still eating clean.  I had a fellow blogging friend who asked me to post my weekly goals so she could keep up.  I really haven't had the time to sit down and make goals.  I have kept a mental checklist.
Life is busy at 12 West Washington and the Pollards are worn out, blogging is one of the first items I let go once I get stressed.
So here is an update and a few upcoming goals.
With the exception on one day, I have walked every day since March 17th.  I enjoy being outside, being active, and both the family time it provides or the alone time it provides.
I have yet to drink a carbonated beverage since quitting them and I don't miss them.  I have put a huge carbon foot print on the earth with insane amount of bottled water I have been through, but no sodas.
I had a cheat day on Easter.  I didn't get crazy and I still tracked every thing I ate, but I did indulge.  I didn't beat myself up about it.
Last week I found out that both my principal and assistant principal would be leaving the school we work at together.  I found myself starving to death through out the day.  I couldn't get full.  I realized after it passed, I am a known stress eater.  Thank the Lord for my new lifestyle or I would have weighed 400 pounds by June.
It really is a daily struggle.  I think about it probably more than I should, but I feel really good.  I am sleeping really well, I have more energy, and I am loving the results for sure.  
I have learned to enjoy foods I have never enjoyed before.  Some new foods I have branched out to enjoy: spaghetti squash, grilled asparagus,  and quinoa.  
I have learned that life exists without fast food, caffeine, and processed foods.  

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