Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jett Boy in the Country

 Our regular sitter has been sick this week and our back up babysitter is Cullen's grandmother, Mamaw.
She lives in Taylor and is always sweet to keep Jett for us at a moment's notice.
If it were up to me Jett would stay here all the time.  We love the Smith's but Jett boy is the center of attention in Taylor and is over joyed when we pull in the drive way.  
 Mamaw allows Jett to spend as much time outside as he wants, something I don't really enjoy.  He loves the toys she has for him to play with, and adores the puppy dogs at her house.

 He has fallen in love with this plastic tractor I'm pretty sure Cullen played with when he was little.  The cows in the back have just added icing to the cake.  
 I think he loves the open air that country living provides.  I love that he sleeps so well because he is so worn out from all the fun they manage to get into while we are away.  

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