Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tailgating With a Toddler vs Tennessee

 This sweet smile makes you think he is an angel baby who loves crowds of people, finger foods, and football.  He doesn't.  He loves an audience which is very different from loving people.  He loves a bite when he wants it and it has to be what he wants.  He loves to run and play football, but not to watch others playing it without him.
 Here is a family photo from the Tailgate before we beat Tennessee.

 Jett Boy was truly happy after his sweet smile conned a big kid out of a football.  He played for at least half an hour around these big boys tackling each other and never managed to be pushed down.  I'm not sure how it happened but it did.  He had more fun picking that ball up, throwing it down, fetching it, and repeating.  His sweet outfit was dirty, but he had a blast.  He even learned he could walk backwards and had a great time backing it up hills, around tents and in between Grove Goers.
The South Club, just might not be the place for this kid.  He wanted to be out, down, and running.  He was pacified for minutes at a time with Thomas on YouTube, or ice cream, or baby wipes, but for the most he was only happy if we were chasing after him.  He made me tired and probably himself.  I noticed while walking to the car, people were oohing and ahhing and I looked down to see this tired little boy sacked out.  Too much toddler tailgating for this kid.

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