Monday, October 27, 2014

These Ears

 We have spent the last month and a half in an out of the doctors' offices dealing with Jett Boy's ears again.  Three antibiotics, a round of steroids, nose spray, drops, mucinex, and zyrtec later it was decided his third set of tubes would go in this morning.  
 It's been a long month in an out of offices.  It's hard to contain a toddler in a germ infested office.  I have been over the top worried about Ebola lately and the wait in these offices has been tough.  Jett is all about playing until the white coat or the blue scrubs come in to the room.  He is OVER it.

And now my sweet babe is resting peacefully beside me.  He made it through his third surgery in 11 months.  I'm kinda over paying the surgery center.  I'm over antibiotics.  I hope my sweet love bug is over ear issues now that the winter is upon us.  Time will tell.