Saturday, December 27, 2014

Boys will be Boys

Oh these boys.  Jett and Tyler play so well together.  This summer they had a blast at the lake house and again over Christmas they had a big time.  We met at Cole and Megan's for dinner and while we ate these little rascals entertained themselves playing with Mary Leighton's girly toys.  Poor baby girl was sick and put herself to bed while the boys ran wild and explored all things pink and girly.
Just as we were finishing dinner I heard a noise that seemed odd.  I excused myself to check on them, when Tyler met me in the door way with wet spots on his clothing.  I round the corner to find my sweet Jett Boy up to his elbow in the toilet.  He had stretched out his sweater sleeve and was using it to splash water out of the toilet.  I began my No No No and continued toward him when my feet hydroplaned on the tile and I hit the floor.  In mid air I was grabbing for Jett, the door facing, a towel anything to stop my fall and yelling for him to stop simultaneously.  By the time I was up from the floor and had him by the arm, I met Tyler and Mollie in the bedroom stripping to his diaper.  Tyler had already told everyone, "Jett splashin'"  Yes, my child was the ring leader.  When I finally looked down my black pants were covered in white shards of wet toilet paper.  It seems they had the most fun filling the toilet with paper.  
We dunked them in the bathtub, sacked up their clothes, and let them play the rest of the night in diapers as we disinfected ourselves and the restroom.  I was mortified to say the least, but the homeowners were in good spirits.

We don't get to see these sweet families often enough.  In a perfect world we would live on the same street and have family dinners every week.  I'm so thankful for these two couples and how they minister to Cullen and me.

I am super thankful for these everywhere boys that keep life fun and every minute interesting.  I can't wait to see them in college.  

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