Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Gingerbread Breakfast

 I am not sure I've ever procrastinated on a party as much as I did this one.  I felt like I was stuck in the mud and couldn't get things together.  I was scrambling to get my mantle and door done last night.  I overslept by an hour this morning and at one point thought it might not happen, but friends came, the kids had fun and it happened.  
 Jett's elf, Elfis D. Elf, sent his friends letters letting them know he was coming back and bringing his Gingerbread friends.  
 My mom made donuts in the shape of gingerbread men, we had gingerbread grilled cheese, candy, cookies, and other unhealthy fare.

 I think one of my the most exciting traditions is when my friends bring their moms.  It is a fun time seeing us together with our young ones and having the extra generation there, too.  It also helps to have an extra set of hands to watch babies and grab toddlers.

 The older these babies get the harder the group picture is to snap.

These gals are my closest friends from high school.  The world feels right again when we are gathered together.  It would probably feel even more right if we were relaxing on a beach somewhere, but for now having this group together is a Christmas Blessing for sure.

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