Sunday, December 7, 2014

Santa's Surprise

 It is no secret that Jett loves a train.  He loves big ones, small ones, some that move, ones that stand still, real one, wooden ones, plastic....get it...he loves any and all trains.  So we loved taking him last year to ride the train so much we did it again this year.  He was in Heaven.

 From the train table in the gift shop he was hooked.  The noise of the trains had him on edge and he really wasn't excited to be put down for photos, but nothing kept him from loving the ride.

 He was riding a train, playing with trains, looking at was train overload.

 This is the joy and delight of a little boy who is living his dream riding a train.
And while he was not into the big guy holding him he was okay with the family photo op.

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